Triplet spoke calculation -


01-11-12, 10:28 AM
there's crow's foot and then there is triplet.
triplet is only possible with the following combinations
32h hub, 24h rim (16+8)
48h hub, 36h rim (24+12)

You will need a spoke length calculator that will accept decimals.
Drive side will require 3.13x or 2.38x using 36h as the template.
Non drive side will require 1x or 2x using 24h as the template.

For example:
ERD: 589mm
width from center to left flange: 38.4mm
width from center to right flange: 20.8mm
Flange diameter: 45mm
spoke hole diameter: 2.5mm

Drive side, 24 spokes required
Spoke count: 36
Cross number: 2.38x = 279mm
Cross number: 3.13x = 284mm

Non drive side, 12 spokes required
Spoke count: 24
Cross number: 1x = 276mm
Cross number: 2x = 285mm

btw, I'm not sure if 3.13x will work properly, because I've only done 2.38x on a 24h triplet wheel.

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