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    Oakley Taps into a New MarketEven though it looks like a still from some goofy CGI ad they'd show during the Super Bowl (maybe the cool fly is about to drink a tiny bottle of Pepsi), this is an actual photograph of a set of 2 millimeter wide sunglasses being worn by a common housefly. Because sometimes scientists just get incredibly bored and/or high.

    Best recent purchase: Oakley sunglasses, pounds 250, from theIf you could keep any pet, what would it be? A white tiger White tigers are individual specimens of the ordinary orange tiger (Panthera tigris), with a genetic condition that causes paler colouration of the normally orange fur (they still have black stripes).

    As you know celebrities have many different types of sunglasses. They can afford to change them every day if they wanted to. But us average people don't have a few hundred bucks to throw down on sunglasses each day.
    , Here are a few top shades the stars are wearing for 2009 and where you can purchase them. Oliver Peoples Tayla style is one of the popular woman's shades that Katie Holmes and Hilary Duff have been caught wearing this year. They are a larger framed shade which if you have a large enough face for, they'll work perfectly for you. You can purchase these online at glassesect for around $160.00.

    If you are daring and want to try something a little on the edgier side, go for the new Oakley Frogskin shades. You can purchase them at tacticsboardshop for around $100 $110.00. Make sure if you are looking for the name brand ones that these aren't fakes.

    And of course another pair from Oliver worn by Eve.
    , These Elsie sunglasses are very light weight and made of titanium. You can look and feel like a Diva with these glasses on. These are yet the highest on the list which range about $270.00 on sunglassesavenue.Another wonderful option for sunglasses worn by the stars is the Jimmy Choo Lou style sunglasses worn by Charlize Theron. They are a perfect fit and are light weight.

    Marc Jacobs sunglasses for 2009 are among the most trendy designer sunglasses and for good reason. Marc Jacobs sunglasses are also among the most reasonably priced designer sunglasses. These glasses can be found at affordable prices. 2009 styles feature over sized lenses, clean lines, and classic Marc Jacobs accents. Known for following his own style instincts, Marc Jacobs is adding metallic and bright colors to the typical gray, brown, black, and brown. Marc Jacobs does well stepping out into his own designer styles. His sunglasses are often seen sported by celebrities.

    The following Marc Jacobs designer sunglasses for 2009 are reasonably priced, relative to other designer sunglasses. The following sunglass reviews are for authentic Marc Jacobs sunglasses, not designer knock offs.

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